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In the summer of 1956, Stevens, a long-serving butler at Darlington Hall, decides to take a motoring trip through the West Country. The six-day excursion becomes a journey into the past of Stevens and England, a past that takes in fascism, two world wars, and an unrealised love between the butler and his housekeeper.


I cannot believe I had waited so long to read this wonderful book. I have watched the movie so many times and I love it, but the book is a real jewel. Through the eyes of Mr. Stevens, the butler of Darlington Hall, the author takes us on a journey for all human emotions, the politics in the United Kingdom between both World Wars, and the relationships between high-society people and their servants.

However, the narrator doesn’t seem to be completely unbiased on his opinions, but that makes this story be even more interesting and believable.

The pace is fast, so you can read it quite easily in just one weekend.

Anyhow, for all of that, I give this book… 5 TEA CUPS!

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