Image created by Sean Campbell

From Sean Campbell…

Here in London, we’re in lockdown. We’re all fed up of endless zoom calls, supermarket deliveries, and ever-changing rules and regulations, so, to help distract everyone, I’m giving away three free eBooks until Friday. Here’s a quick pitch for each story and the link so you can get a copy:

Dead on Demand:

Edwin Murphy’s life is a train wreck. His wife walked out, taking their daughter with her, and his professional life is heading down the drain too. If – somehow – his wife could disappear, he could get everything back, and then some.
Shame he’s too much of a coward to kill her himself.

Cleaver Square:
After a long, cold winter, DCI Morton finds a body hidden beneath the ice in London’s Hackney Marshes. Identifying the victim looks straight-forward enough – until he finds the dead boy alive and well.

Missing Persons:
When DCI Rafferty receives a call from a young girl she once knew during her time with Sapphire, London’s sexual offences investigation team, she dismisses it as a garden-variety missing persons case.
But when the victim doesn’t reappear, her hand is forced, and she begins to question everything she thought she knew.

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