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The Ack Ack Girl
By Chris Karlsen
Historical Romance
Paperback & ebook, 221 Pages
February 14, 2021

Love and War

A country under attack and the story of one woman’s fight to protect England and her heart.

1941. The German war machine has crushed all of Europe-only England holds fast. To force a surrender, the German Luftwaffe bombs cities and villages the length of the country. As the battle rages, Britain is in desperate need to put more pilots in the air.

To free up more men a new unit is formed: The Ack Ack Girls. These special teams of courageous women will now fight in the anti-aircraft stations. Determined to be part of the effort, Ava Armstrong, volunteers for one of the special teams.

Her unit just happens to be located near an RAF airfield teaming with pilots. Sparks fly, and not just from artillery, When Ava crosses paths with Chris Fairfield, a handsome and cocky pilot stationed there. But nothing is easy in time of war, not even love.

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About the Author

I was raised in Chicago. My father was a history professor, and my mother, a voracious reader who passed on a love of history and books to me along with a love of travel.

I am a retired police detective. After twenty-five years in law enforcement, I decided to pursue my dream of writing. I write a historical-time travel romance series called Knights in Time and a historical suspense called The Bloodstone Series.

I also have a historical romance series called Love & War. A free copy of the first book in this series is available through my newsletter: https://www.subscribepage.com/Moonlight_Serenade.

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Chris climbed onboard first and helped Ava onto the small deck. “I’ve never been on a canal boat,” Ave said.

“Neither have I. It will be an adventure for the two of us. I just wanted to be alone with you for more than a couple of hours. I thought let’s not plan and do whatever strikes our fancy for the next two days.”

“I like the…whatever-strikes-our-fancy part.”

Quaint and cozy were the first words that came to Ava’s mind at seeing the interior. Along each wall was a single bed covered with a red and white check quilt. Butterflies of excitement and nerves erupted in Ava’s stomach. She understood what it might mean when she agreed to spend three days and nights together with Chris. Could she put off a decision?

Chris read her indecision. “I presume nothing. I am happy simply spending time together.” 

He turned the radio on and found the music channel. Harry James, the bandleader, was on with his star singer, Frank Sinatra. The popular crooner was singing All or Nothing at All. 

Ava smiled thinking how timely the song was. Her mother had Ava would know when the right man came along. Decision made. Tonight, would be…all.   

Chris brought out a bottle of red wine and two glasses. “The Officer’s Club chaps gave the wine to me.

“How lovely.” Ava had a sip and set the glass on the coffee table. She tucked her legs under her and slowly slid her tie from under the collar. Then she began unbuttoning her blouse. 

“What are you doing?” 

She leaned over and undid the knot in his tie and slid it from the collar of his shirt. “Your turn.”

He held her hand still. “I told you, I didn’t presume to take advantage.”

“You’re not. This is my choice.” 


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