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Agatha Raisin 50s returns from a lonely holiday to find James Lacey having an affair with newcomer Mary Fortune. She sees green – jealous, Mary’s favorite color, and the Garden Open Day competition. A body planted head first brings Mary’s estranged daughter Beth and her violent boyfriend. Agatha investigates with Roy, Bill, and other pals.


Agatha Raisin never disappoints. These are the perfect books for when you want to relax and read something funny and pleasant.

Little by little, we get to know more about Agatha and the people of Carsely. We know more details about their backgrounds, their lives, and their relationships.

In this occasion, Agatha comes back from her holidays to discover that his handsome neighbor, James Lacey, is having a special friendship with the newcomer Mary Fortune.

Jealousy, rivalry, and a contest to determine the best garden in town will lead to all kinds of trouble and even murder.

Very entertaining story, as usual, and the character of Agatha keeps growing and evolving.

I give this book… 4 TEA CUPS!

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