Title: a dead man’s eyes.

AUTHOR: Lori Duffy Foster.
GENRE: Thriller.
PUBLICATION DATE: April 13th, 2021.

Lisa Jamison has done well for a single mom who got pregnant at fifteen.

She is a reporter at a well-respected newspaper and her teenage daughter is both an athlete and honors student. Though their relationship is rocky these days, Lisa has accomplished what she set out to do. She has given her daughter the kind of life she never had.

But all that changes when Lisa sees her daughter in the eyes of a dead man.

The cops call it a drug killing, but Lisa doesn’t believe it. She knows her ex-boyfriend was no drug dealer even though she had not seen him in sixteen years. Lisa ignores warnings from her medical-examiner friend. She fails to heed barely veiled threats from the sheriff of a neighboring county. Instead, she risks her life and the lives of her daughter and their closest friend on a dangerous quest for answers.

The investigation leaves Lisa fighting for her family in a morbid, black market world she never knew existed. She learns that trust is complicated and that she, despite her cynical nature, has been blind. She trusted the wrong people and now she might have to pay with her life.

Thanks to NetGalley and Level Best Books for letting me read this book prior to its publication. My opinion is 100% honest, unbiased, and my own. Also, thanks to the author, Lori Duffy Foster, for reaching out to me via my blog.

I really liked the premise for this book and I got into the story quite quickly, which is not something that it happens to me very often. It was gripping, the pace was fast, and things kept happening which made the plot progress fast. The characters were well fleshed out, with proper backgrounds and all a reader needs to feel some sort of connection with them.

So I was really enjoying this book, and then it got a bit predictable, and when I can guess what is going to happen and then it happens… well, I feel disappointed. I like being guessing up to the very end. The ending, that’s another issue. It happened too fast and everything seemed to be quite convenient.

Ups and downs in a book that, overall, has been entertaining and enjoyable. A good book for a weekend of relax.

So, for all of that, I give this book… 3 TEA CUPS!

Photo by Teona Swift on Pexels.com

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  1. Hi Cinta! I do wish you had enjoyed the book more, but I very much appreciate your review. Your honesty is part of what I love about your blog. I hope you consider reading the next book in the series, Never Broken, when it releases in April of 2022. I have always considered it the strong of the two. Enjoy the weekend and, most important, enjoy your tea!


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