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Two husbands and a funeral!

The morning of Agatha’s marriage to James Lacey dawns bright and clear. But the storm clouds of the day before would have been more appropriate when Agatha’s first husband, Jimmy Raisin, turns up at the church just in time to keep her from committing bigamy. The ensuing uproar – Agatha tries to strangle Jimmy, whom she had thought long-dead anyway – embarrasses James, who breaks the engagement.

When Jimmy is found murdered the next morning, Agatha is the perfect suspect. Since the easiest way to clear her name is to find the real murderer, Agatha convinces James to help her investigate. But will their subsequent close proximity – which has them, ironically, pretending to be man and wife – be enough to win James second time around?

In this instalment of the series, we discover more facts and people from Agatha’s past. Just when she thinks she has found her happily ever after, an unexpected twist turns her world upside down.

Hilarious situations as usual, funny and intriguing, this book is another delightful addition to the Agatha Raisin series.

Cute story that you will be able to read in just a weekend at the beach.

I give this book… 4 TEA CUPS!

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