The Secret Eye by Brad Hanson

Publication Date: September 2, 2021 Genre: Historical Fiction

    Charlie Brand, barely 17, enters World War II where he protects the fleet from Japanese threats in this new novel about the history of radar in World War II. Charlie Brand joined the Navy to avenge Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor and he has the best eyes and ears in the US Pacific Fleet. In Japan, Hadaki Yamatsumi journeys to determine his ancestor’s will for his life. The two men are thrust on a collision course with history where only one man will survive. In Great Britain, a gift to the United States will change the direction of the war and change the life of Charlie Brand forever. While Charlie struggles through loss, a chance meeting on a train propels him to a new life he never dreamed he could have. As America prepares her response to the attack on Pearl Harbor, a new secret technology, Radar, will begin to turn the tide of the war. America’s Secret Eye peering over the horizon, detecting and directing attacks before anyone knows they are there. However, a new Japanese weapon, the Kamikaze, will threaten America’s technological advantage. Does Charlie have the skill to detect these attacks before they can destroy the USS Lexington and the Pacific Fleet? Can America find a way to defeat this new threat, and will the Secret Eye save American lives and finally win the war?

“Readers who enjoy both military and historical fiction novels will enjoy The Secret Eye. Brad Hanson delivers a fast-paced, action-filled story with The Secret Eye that is recommended to those who enjoy learning mixed with entertainment. Hanson provides both.” – Tom Gauthier, Readers’ Favorite

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On a frosty crisp morning, Hadaki Yamatsumi gazed across Lake Kawaguchi toward Mount  Fuji, the highest and most revered mountain in his beloved homeland of Japan. The sunrise over  the lake at the foothills of Fuji-san compelled Hadaki to make this journey almost every day  while the moon hung over the nighttime sky. Most days, he came alone, but today, a very special  guest was by his side, his young- est sister Yoshi.  

“Why are we here so early, Hadaki?” complained Yoshi, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.  “You turn five today,” Hadaki stated evenly, “and it is time for you to learn about your family.”  “I know my family,” stated Yoshi. “I have a mother, two sisters, and you!”  Absent from her list was their chichi, or father Kaisu, who gave his life in honor of the emperor  two years previously while fighting in China. Yoshi had a brief memory of her chichi, but  Hadaki, now fourteen and the oldest, remembered the charge his chichi gave him before he left  for war, preparing himself to care for his family. This was a job his father would have done, but .  “You see Fuji-san across the water?” asked Hadaki. “I come here often to gain strength and  wisdom from our forefathers, especially from our chichi. Fuji is a very special place. This is  where the spirits of our forefathers live and watch over us each day. Fuji-san provides life-giving  water for our rice patties. And when you get older, you too will make your journey up Fuji-san to  meet our forefathers and learn your place in this world.”  

“We are so lucky,” continued Hadaki, “to live so close to this most sacred mountain.”  Mount Fuji, 12,389 feet tall, is a dormant volcano; its last eruption was in the early 1700s. It is  one of three sanreizan, holy mountains, in Japan, where pilgrims journey each year to gain  insight and inner strength.  

“Next year, we will come here for hatsuhinode,” said Hadaki.  

Hatsuhinode is the maiden sunrise seen on the first day of the new year. The ancient people of  Japan believed the sun was one of the most important Gods and witnessing the hatsuhinode was  a sacred act.  

As the sun loomed behind Mount Fuji, Hadaki and Yoshi saw the summit transform from  darkness into a gleaming diamond on top of a perfectly molded cone of the volcanic crater. The  transition was especially beautiful today, showing hints of orange as the sun kissed the summit  and crested over the eastern edge, coloring the snow-covered peak with deep purple hues. 

“It is time we return home,” Hadaki said with a sigh. “Haha (mommy) will be up soon, and she  may have a surprise for you!”  

As they turned to walk away, Yoshi turned for one last look. She remembered what her brother  told her and wondered about her chichi. She missed him deeply and often looked at his picture  and asked her mother to tell stories about him. Soon, Hadaki would bring her to meet him once  again.  

Hiranuma Kiichiro waited on the veranda of his Tokyo home, expecting and hoping his destiny  was now within reach. The cherry blossom trees, once full and beautifully ordained, appeared  stark as they lay dormant, waiting for winter’s cold to release its grip.  

The son of a samurai, and soon, perhaps, a leader to honor the memory of my okaasan (mother),  Hiranuma considered.  

Graduating with a degree in English law, Hiranuma had served as the director of the Tokyo High  Court and public prosecutor of the Supreme Court early in his career. Known for his ferocious  crusades against corruption and immorality within the political hierarchy, Hiranuma soon grew  concerned by outside political influences such as communism, socialism, and liberal  democracies.

About the Author

Brad Hanson loves military history which prompted his desire to write this story. Inspired by experiences shared by a family member and those of our Greatest Generation, Brad is proud to bring this story to readers everywhere. When not working on writing projects, he works for a fortune 100 company as an operational leader of technology programs. He is an avid woodworker and golfer and has two grown children. He and his wife share their Texas home with their British Shorthair cats.

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