Hello, everybody!

Here I am one more month with my wrap-up of the books I have read during October. I don’t know about you, but October has flown for me. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was writing the post for the September wrap-up. I haven’t been very busy with work (thank you, Covid-19!), but I have been pretty busy taking courses for my business, as well as reading and reviewing the books I get via NetGalley and other venues. Maybe that’s why this month has seemed so short.

Anyways, how has your month been? Hectic? Slow? Have you managed to read a lot? I want to know! Leave comments or shoot me an email if you want. I’m all for talking about books.

Well, below you will find the books I have read this month. I haven’t included in the graphics one more book that I read, because I cannot find the cover image or information about it anywhere. I read it through a service called Secret Readers. It’s similar to NetGalley, but smaller, way more controlled, and you can have access to it by invitation only. I was lucky to get one of those pesky invitations, so when I get the email telling me there are new books available, I get very excited. Have you ever heard about Secret Readers? Are you a member? Let me know. And I will talk about that book once it gets released, so I can share my review with all of you.

But for now, these are the books I have read this month. Have you read them? Do you have recommendations for me based on the books that I enjoy reading? Let’s talk!

Image created by me using Canva
Image created by me using Canva
Image created by me using Canva

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