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‘We have a patient who has been involved in a serious accident. We believe he’s your husband.’

When Freya first met Phil, she thought he was the man of her dreams. He bought her roses every week, booked surprise trips to sun-soaked destinations, and showed her affection like she’d never experienced before. But over time the dream had become a violent nightmare. And now Freya is packing her bags, knowing it’s time she escaped their increasingly broken marriage.

But then Freya gets a visit from the police. Phil’s been in a horrific car crash and – as he comes around – it becomes clear that he remembers nothing since their blissful honeymoon two years before, back when their relationship was perfect. All he wants is to be happily married again.

Freya knows giving him another chance could be dangerous. But now he’s the one who needs her, it’s a chance to turn the tables, and to change the outcome of their relationship once and for all. After all, he will only know what she chooses to tell him…

But what really happened during those two years of marriage? And as they start over again, who is safe? And whose life is in danger?

Fans of The Girl on the TrainBehind Closed Doors and Date Night who are looking for a dark, gripping psychological thriller, with a final twist that will leave their jaw on the floor, will love The Stranger in My Bed.


Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for letting me read this book prior to its publication. My opinion is 100% honest, unbiased, and my own.

I was really interested in reading this novel, and the prologue really made me go “WOW!”, setting the tone for what I thought would be a really interesting story and quite the rollercoaster of events. However, I started imagining possible theories about what was going on before I had finished reading the first 25% of the book. After I finished reading, it turned out that most of my theories had been correct, so that made this story quite predictable. Maybe I read too much thriller…

Despite the predictability of the story, it was an interesting story and I read it quite fast. Although this book is supposed to be a psychological thriller, it feels more like a domestic drama. Especially if we take into account the main topic of the novel: a couple who distrust each other because of their past of violence and abuse.

The writing is pretty much straightforward and it’s told chronologically, except for a few flashbacks. We get two points of view (three if you count the stalker’s point of view), but it doesn’t get confusing and it helps to get a clearer view of the whole picture.

As for the characters, I couldn’t really feel connected to any of them. It was very difficult to like Phil, or even feel sympathy for his situation, and I couldn’t really like Freya either. I found her personality lacking.

Overall, good story despite its predictability. Really good novel to enjoy while spending a weekend at home.

So, for all of that, I give this book… 3 TEA CUPS!

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