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I am delayed with my readings and with the reviews that I had to write that it’s not even funny. And the only reason is that we moved to a new place! It’s exciting, but I’m also exhausted. Packing all your life in a matter of weeks is not easy task, but we managed to do it.

The husband and I were living in an apartment that was located right next to a major highway, so the level of noise and pollution was surreal. It was so high that it was impossible to lead a normal or relaxed life. At the beginning we didn’t mind that much, but then this crazy pandemia hit us and, with it, lockdowns and curfews. Let me tell you this: You don’t realize how unhappy you are in a place until they force you to spend 24/7 inside without any possibility of going out or changing scenery. We started hating the apartment with a passion. You start hearing the traffic and it seems to be even louder. You hear your neighbors and start planning ways to murder them unless they stop being so noisy. It was getting to a point where my levels of stress were off the chart. And that’s not a healthy way to live.

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So yeah, it was time to move. When it was possible for us to start moving around a little here in Spain, we started our search of our next home. And we were extremely lucky, because we found the perfect house in just a couple of days. Another couple of days later we visited it, and three days later we were signing the lease agreement. Pretty crazy, huh? Then we arranged for a moving company to come and move our stuff and, finally, last Monday we moved into the new house: an end-of-terrace house with three floors, a basement, a rooftop with barbecue area and a hot tub, and a backyard. We finally have the space, the peace, and the quiet that we so needed after five years of constant noise living next to the highway.

Is it crazy if I say the first thing I started getting out of the boxes once we moved was my books? There is something about a house without books that makes me sad. And I realized I have a crazy amount of books, so I am doing inventory of all of them by using the application Libib. I am dividing my books in different catalogues and I am looking forward to being more organized with them.

Once we are fully installed in the house and we are not surrounded by boxes, I will write another post to share with you the bookish areas in our new home, as well as the reading spots. And if you are waiting for me to post a review of your book, please forgive me for the tardiness. I promise I will start working on it along this week.

And that’s all. Do you have crazy moving stories? I would love to hear them.

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