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Emily and Jake are the perfect couple. Or so everyone says. But Emily just read a letter that has shattered her perfect world. Now she only has one thing on her mind… which one of her friends is sleeping with her husband?

Emily watches Jake as he makes small talk with their children, still the perfect man she married years ago. But when the phone rings and he answers before quickly putting it down again, she sees the look on her husband’s face – guilt. She knows the signs – after all, she’s been lying to him for years.

Working with Jake at the local doctor’s surgery, Emily starts to listen at closed doors and read things she shouldn’t, hoping to find the truth about her husband. Soon she learns that hers isn’t the only family telling lies to each other. Is there anyone Emily can trust? And who is behind the letter to Jake?

When a second letter, revealing a wife’s hidden pregnancy, is sent to the woman’s husband, it has disastrous consequences. And as more angry letters revealing people’s biggest secrets begin to appear, fingers point at Emily. After all, she’s the one with access to everyone’s private history, and she’s the one with a score to settle. Emily says she didn’t do it. But this isn’t the first time Emily has lied. What happens next will have you questioning everything…

You might have already decided that Emily is guilty, but as each twist is revealed, you’ll begin to doubt everyone in this quiet little town. This is a psychological thriller that will keep you up all night!


Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for letting me read this book prior to its publication. My opinion is 100% honest, unbiased, and my own.

This book promised quite an interesting story, but boy oh boy! was I disappointed. The beginning is confusing, to the point that I had to re-read it a second time to know what was going on, and then it just became quite repetitive. Yeah, we get it. Emily is jealous and her husband doesn’t seem to trust her either. That dynamics went on and on and I just wished the story could move on a bit faster.

I couldn’t like any of the main characters of this story at all. AT ALL. In fact, some of the secondary characters were starting to look really interesting and promising, but then they kind of disappeared from the story. It was frustrating to read.

The premise was really good and I would have liked to see more development of some key aspects of the story. But in general, the story moved so slow, and then we had a very quick and sudden ending, where everything got solved in a couple of chapters.

Not very well balanced and quite disappointing. I cannot recommend it.

So, for all of that, I give this book… 2 TEA CUPS!

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